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Renting an apartment? Deciding which amenities matter to you

One of the greatest advantages that renting an apartment offers is access to all sorts of amenities.  The problem is, it can be overwhelming deciding which amenities actually matter. If you’re a frequent traveler and love to spend time away during the summer, a large outdoor pool won’t matter much to you.  If you don’t have a dog, then a spacious pet park won’t sway you. What’s the best way to wade through the noise and decide what matters to you?  

Different needs, different amenities

Examining what you want out of a home is important, from deciding how much time you plan to spend there to whether you’re renting with friends, by yourself, or have a small family.  Here are the most frequent types of renters we run into every day – and the amenities that seem to matter the most.

The Homebody

You have a local job, enjoy spending time at home binging Netflix, reading at night in bed, and only occasionally go out for a night on the town with friends.  You enjoy quiet and value time spent recharging after working all day.

Amenities that might matter to you

  • Dry cleaning service
  • Coffee bar
  • Resort style pool (for an extra place to read)

The Traveler

Work keeps you from being home.  You travel most weeks, which means you likely don’t have a pet at home.  Your life is busy, fast-paced, and your downtime is rare. When you do have downtime, you’re looking to spend it as wisely as possible.

Amenities that might matter to you

  • Dry cleaning service (because you shouldn’t spend your downtime on laundry)
  • Distance to shopping
  • Package signing service for when you’re out of town
  • Grilling stations

The Family

Pets, kids, birthday parties, family gatherings.  You need entertainment, fun things to do on the weekends and a place to host sleepovers.  Your family is growing, and so are your needs.

  • Distance to schools and shops (especially grocery stores!)
  • A private movie theater in the complex
  • A pet park
  • Pre-planned social activities with your neighbors
  • A spacious pool

The Retiree

You just want a quiet place to settle down.  The hustle and bustle of a hectic job are finally behind you and you just want to spend time with your grandbabies and celebrate milestones in their lives.  

  • A business center
  • Shops and restaurants within walking distance
  • A pet park for that little Yorkie of yours
  • Fitness center for keeping in shape

The Student

You might have a roommate, or you might be on your own.  You need space away from campus to get your work done and a place to host friends on the weekends.  You’re self-supporting, but aren’t ready for the pain of a house and you split time between your place and your parents.

  • A resort style pool
  • Grilling station for you and friends
  • Fitness center
  • A short driving distance from your school
  • A multi-seat movie theatre for you and friends

Not everyone falls within these specific categories, but they can help provide a framework for deciding what is important to you.  Where do you fall on the spectrum? Do you need space to spread your wings and have friends over, are do you need a quiet place to spend your time?  Don’t neglect this important aspect of apartment shopping!

Interested in seeing which Parr community has the amenities that match your lifestyle?  Check out our apartments now!

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