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4 Reasons Why Renting with a Large Apartment Community is the Right Move

Choosing where you’re going to live is tough, and it can be even more difficult when you consider just how many places there are to rent.  Do you go with a privately owned room in someone’s basement? What about a small apartment complex with only a few units and no office? Have you considered a large complex with a ton of amenities?  We know cost is always a factor, but we also know it can’t be the only factor.  Here’s why we think renting with a large apartment community like Parr is the right move:

We support you

Parr communities are managed by full-time employees that are dedicated to serving you.  You will always know when we’re in the office, you’ll have access to an emergency after-hours number, and we believe in helping make your apartment your home.  AC unit stop working? We’ll have someone there as quick as possible, opposed to trying to get a hold of your landlord and hoping he’ll call a service technician to take a look.  Which would you rather have – a few hours without cool air…or a few days?

Amenities to enhance your life

You won’t find a large resort style pool or multi-seat theatre in a small apartment building.  You won’t find dedicated grilling stations, dry-cleaning services, or community events when renting a spare bedroom.  Why pay for a gym membership when the place in which you live offers one for no additional cost? Large apartment communities offer amenities that bring you into the community and enhance your lifestyle.  Check out our post on choosing which amenities are important to you!

More size options

Most larger apartment communities offer 1, 2, and sometimes even 3 bedroom options.  Want a little additional space in the form of a sunroom? That might be an option. Need a pet park to let your pet run free?  Standard offering in Parr apartments. You might even decide to upgrade your apartment to the next size up because your needs have changed.  It’s convenient to be able to potentially move a few doors down instead of across town.

Maintenance free

Imagine that a snowstorm hits and your vehicle is comfortable covered in a thick layer of ice.  The road is also covered in said ice, and you’re now stuck. Larger complexes hire snow removal teams to clear the complex’s roads, meaning you won’t have to miss work.  A quick scrape of your windshield and you’re back on the road.

You should love where you live, and sometimes that means choosing an apartment complex that meets your needs.  You deserve more than the minimum.

Interested in what we have to offer here at Parr Investments?  Check out our complexes in the surrounding Winston Salem, NC area!

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